Ever since we were kids we have always been athletic. It all started year 1999 when we first got our own trampoline and that pretty much what made our lifes today. We been doing sport like gymnastics, diving and snowboarding and it all came down to one sport in the end. The year 2004 Benjmain wanted to try wakeboard together with his brother johannes because they really liked snowboard and wanted to do something similar summer time. It took him one year to win the swedish nationals junior men and thats when Mattias and Jeremia started. We all learned really fast thanks to our backround.


We almost stoped riding for 2 years because our boat broke down and that´s when we come up with the idea to build a winch park in the forest video-> the winch park. One year later 2009 we heard about this system 2.0 and lucky us we had a real good spot in our backyard to put it. So we Jeremia, Mattias, Johannes, Benjamin, Samuel Hoppe and Jonathan Lindberg took our saving to afford to start a company. After we started the company we borrowed money from the bank to afford the 2.0 and some parts of the park. We tried to look for sponsors to help us out but nobody really believed in our crazy idea, except for Vattensport.nu and swef so special thank to them. Anyway we had this vision of having a extremesport complex in our backyard and have one of the coolest backyards in the world. 1th of mars 2010 we made this video wcpe wakepark and this was what we wanted. We started to build right away and we were so exited to get this thing done. The thing was that we dident have that much money so we had to do everything our selfs and after 3 years it starting to look really good and here’s the results wcpe wakepark 2012. We are still not done and we probebly never will because we come up with new ideas all the time..


Our last Thailand trip winter 2011-2012 we wanted to make one web edit with all of our best tricks in it, the results-> Breddas. The name Breddas was just a coincidence it means brothers in jamaican slang. We thought it sounded cool and the video got so big so we decided to start a team named Breddas.


The date is now 10th of oktober 2012 when we wrote this and we are now some of the most successful riders in the world, we have a pretty cool backyard, we have some awesome friends that’s helping us, we have some sponsors to and we are the organizers of champ of scandinavia the biggest wake event in Sweden.


We love you all!