I’m the oldest brother in Breddas and I started to wakeboard before Mat and Jeremia which pretty naturally did me to their coach… But a few years later and with Breddas Wakepark as our backyard, it changed. Now we can all push, support and help eachother and try to take our wakeboarding to a higher level. It´s a privilege to always have such good and creative riders to ride with!

We do what we think it´s fun and we try not to do everything too serious.

How old are you? 
I´m 25 years old…

What kind of board do you ride and why?
Our signature board, Breddas Baker. It´s pretty awesome and fits my kind of riding.

What’s your favorite trick and why?  
I can´t get enough of those heel side straight airs. I also like moby dick cause its a simpel trick but looks good and i´m definitly doing it better then the kids.

Who are your sponsors? 
RIXEN cablewaysObrien Wakeboards, Red Bull, Resurs Bank, Jay bird,, Dope, Jet Pilot, Blåkläder, Breddas Wakepark

What do you do when you are not riding wake?
It depends… If it´s winter and i´m in Sweden I probably snowboarding. I also always loved to jump tramapoline and stuff like that. I spend a lot of my time in our backyard, of course, and skateboarding, driving MX or just taking it easy with my friends.

Who is your favorite cartoon and why?
I got alot of nominees but I have to say Mr Johnny B!

Tell us something we dont know?
I´m pretty good at picking/finding mushrooms. Ask my grandma,she knows!

Peace, cheers, good bye, later homies or soomething else, choose a word?
mmmm Word!