How old are you?
I’m 19 years old

What kind of board do you ride and why?
I ride the Baker 136 (OBRIEN)! It´s the perfect board and it is as simple as that. It got good flex, good grip cause of the small fins and they are not in the way when you hit obstacles.

What’s your favourite trick and why?
I think it is the hs bs five, becouse thats  the trick i like the most? :)

Who are your sponsors?
Obrien Wakeboards, Red Bull, Resurs Bank, Jay bird,  Ridestore.comDope, Jet Pilot, Blåkläder, Breddas Wakepark, and

What do you do when you are not wakeboarding?
I’m still in school! But I have a lot of important stuff to do, like holding my breath as long as I can and hang out with grandma..

Who is your favourite cartoon character and why?
That’s a hard one but I think Donald the duck because I think he’s awesome and takes such a good care of Huey Dewey and Louie, he is a very good guy!

Tell us something we dont know?
That I can stay under water for 40 seconds, that’s twenty less then a minute!

Peace, cheers, good bye, later homies or something else, choose a word?
Good bye is my word or swim cool fishes!

To be brothers with Mattias and Benjamin
I think Mattias, Benjamin and I have something very special together! We know each others riding better then anybody else does. To be able to ride with them almost everyday is pretty awesome, we are always pushing each other as much as possible. If someone does something crazy, it doesn’t matter if it’s wakeboarding or holding the breath for super long, others just have to do it better! I think Benjamin and Mattias are the best coaches out there. As I already said they know my riding better then I do!