How old are you?
I’m 20 years old

What kind of board do you ride and why?
i ride the obrien breddas board! couse it’s easy to ride and its säxy

What’s your favourite trick and why?
backtail, it feels sweet

Who are your sponsors?
RIXEN cableways, Obrien Wakeboards, Red Bull, Resurs Bank, Jay bird,  Ridestore.comDope, Jet Pilot, Blåkläder, Breddas Wakepark

What do you do when you are not wakeboarding?
working on holding my breath for as long as possible..

Who is your favourite cartoon character and why?
That’s a hard one but I think Donald the duck because I think he’s awesome and takes such a good care of Huey Dewey and Louie, he is a very good guy!

Tell us something we dont know?
That I can stay under water for 40 seconds, that’s twenty less then a minute.

Peace, cheers, good bye, later homies or something else, choose a word?

To be brothers with Mattias and Benjamin
we have been riding toheter for so long now, and i gotta say that im having the most fun riding with them! we are riding our own way  and we’re pretty much just doing what we think is fun. our goal is always to have as much fun as possible