Mattias Hoppe

How old are you?
20 (born in 1991)

What kind of board do you ride and why?
Obrien Baker because it’s a really good allround board, There are not many boards that are fun behind the boat and sliders, kickers, air tricks at the same time but the baker have it all and that’s why I love it <3

What’s your favourite trick and why?
Whirly dick tailgrab because my brothers can’t do it.

Who are your sponsors?
Rixen cableways Obrien Wakeboards, Red Bull, Resurs Bank, Jay bird,  Ridestore.comDope, Jet Pilot, Blåkläder, Breddas Wakepark

What do you do when you are not wakeboaring?
I’m a parkour and freerunning teacher so that’s what I do

Who is your favourite cartoon character and why?
King Julian in Madagascar because he has the best personality ever,


Tell us something we dont know?
Some of you might know this one but I’ll tell you anyway because it is pretty cool. I have five brothers Jeremia, Mattias, Johannes, Benjamin, Mikael and Samuel and one sister Judith.

Peace, cheers, good bye, later homies or something else, choose a word.
Later homies

To be brothers with Jeremia and Benjamin
Made my life a little more interesting. As long as I can remember there’ve always been a ” I dare you” competiton between us, if someone did something crazy, you knew you had to come up with something even more crazy. The real challange for me is to keep up with my brothers.

For me when I ride it doesn’t matter if it’s a contest or just freeriding in my backyard, you know that ”game’s on” when Breddas is in the house!